Bob Gottfried's Photography

Photography has been Bob Gottfried’s passion for over 40 years. Bob believes that every person is creative. It can manifest itself in different ways such as writing, painting, photography, dancing, gardening, wood working and many more. He also believes that any form of art can be healing, rejuvenating, and balance other aspects of our lives.

Are you engaged in any form of art?

Here are some of Bob’s own favourite photos taken in Canada, Italy, US and Cuba:

Bob Gottfried's Poetry

A Baking Recipe for Parenting

by Bob Gottfried


Parenting is like baking a good cake
The ingredients cannot be a fake

The dough is the first to prepare
Raise your child with kindness and care

And just like the core of most cakes is the filling
Love is the core that’s ultimately fulfilling

Baking requires all kinds of tools
Kids need to know how to follow some rules

A cake can be round, it can be square
Kids you should never try to compare

Just as every cake is unique
Focusing on your child’s strengths is the right technique

Cakes at times have appealing decorations
Teach kids to, at times, resist some temptations

And let’s not forget the importance of sweet
Kids need to learn integrity to never cheat

It always helps to bake your cake with optimism
Raising kids should be free of put downs and criticism

There is shortcake, there is pie even a torte
Children need plenty of acknowledgement and constant support

A strawberry funnel cake requires a hollow
Teach by example which values to follow

Making smart decisions is always the goal
To achieve that, kids need to develop confidence and self-control

The cake is so yummy let others enjoy
When kids learn to share it brings on much joy

Doing this job you never get bored
And you won’t even get a direct reward

Kids tend to expect, demand and take
When they smile at you that’s icing on the cake

And with patience, hard work and some debt
As you look back, please have no regret

And like a good chef with some unwritten rules
Don’t treat kids like objects, treat them like jewels

Because children will our future create
Encourage and trust them and we’ll all feel so great


The Psychology of Unhappiness

by Bob Gottfried


Avoiding bad feelings is called suppression
Forgetting it ever happened is repression

Lying to ourselves is called denial
Often used to avoid an emotional trial

Redirecting feelings unto others is projection
It can many times cause a disconnection

Often, justifying to ourselves is rationalization
It’s the mind’s protection, using mental filtration

Reliving childhoods’ memories is regression
That’s fine as long as it isn’t done in succession

The above combined is called depression
Which is sort of a mental recession

To reverse the above start with reflection
A vital step towards proper correction

This important journey of self-detection
Will certainly lead you in the right direction

It’s a process of self-confession
To improve your inner impression

Sometimes you’ll experience pain and crying
Just keep going and never stop trying

Make sure to include self-love and forgiving
It will give you a good reason for living

And it’s wise to have some help and support
To ensure that you never attempt to abort

Now begin to accept, reframe and let go
Happiness is about going with the flow